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where we create immersive 360º Virtual Tours, 3D Imaging, and advanced media for your audience.

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What We Offer

Here at Parallax Point Imaging, we take our images and product quality very seriously. The sole purpose of our company is to increase your business’s sales through the use of cutting edge visual technologies and engagement tools. Here are a few things that highlight the services that we offer.

360º Virtual Tours

We create immersive, 360º virtual tours that seamlessly integrate with your existing web presence.

Beautiful HDR Photography

Our tours enhance every detail of your location with professional HDR imaging.

Sound Effects & Music

Complete the experience by adding royalty-free music and sound effects.

Customizable Tour Features

Make your tour an extension of your company or location by integrating logos, color schemes and more.

Map Overlays

Add expandable map overlays that will help to guide your visitor through your location.

Cross-Device Compatibility

All of our tours are available in Flash and HTML5, allowing them to be viewed on a variety of desktop and mobile devices.

Still Photography Services

Feature some of your location’s unique characteristics with high-quality still photographs. We can embed them right in your tour!

Integration Support

If you already have your own website, we’ll work with your development team to seamlessly integrate your tour with existing design.

Website Construction

Don’t have a website? That’s ok! We’d be happy to build your a beautiful, modern site where you can display your company’s work!

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